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Alison Boya Sun, a fervent filmmaker hailing from China, embarked on an educational journey that culminated in her graduation from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2022, specializing in Filmmaking. At the forefront of her achievements stands the compelling short documentary film, "A Good Death," which she co-directed and produced, earning official selections at prestigious festivals including Doc NYC and Tokyo Lift-off Film Festival.

In addition to her notable accomplishments, Alison produced a documentary about K-pop Broadway, showcasing her versatility in capturing the essence of diverse cultural phenomena. Further demonstrating her commitment to portraying a spectrum of artistic expressions, she collaborated with Asian American rapper Dumbfoundead on a profile documentary, delving into the intricacies of the artist's life and craft.

This year marked a pivotal moment in Alison's career when RedBull approached her to spearhead the production of a summer culture clash event. This exciting endeavor not only underscores her growing influence in the industry but also attests to her ability to curate engaging and dynamic experiences.

In her role as a junior producer and editor at Eastern Standard Times Media, Alison's expertise shines through. Collaborating with talented individuals globally, she has successfully navigated the production landscape, delivering a multitude of captivating short films that illuminate diverse stories and perspectives. Notably, her work on a short documentary series addressing Asian Hate Crime garnered recognition and was featured on CBS New York.

Alison's experiences have not only honed her storytelling, production, and editing skills but have also woven a robust network of creative professionals. Her adeptness in working with global talents reflects her commitment to bringing unique narratives to life while contributing to the rich tapestry of the filmmaking industry.